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Didsbury is situated 5 miles South of Manchester City Centre and is made up of two distinct areas. West Didsbury is a buzzing, independant, cosmopolitan area which is mainly based along Burton Road and Lapwing Lane. There are many small bars, restaurants, food outlets and fashion shops to visit and browse. Didsbury Village is a larger, less independant area which is based on Wilmslow Road and served by the busy 42 bus route.


Chorlton is situated 4 miles South West of Manchester City Centre. It’s offical name is Chorlton cum Hardy although you will rarely hear that name used. It is 2 miles West of Didsbury, and Manchester’s Metrolink transport network link the two areas.

The Heatons

The Four Heatons are Heaton Moor, Heaton Chapel, Heaton Norris and Heaton Mersey. Heaton Moor is similar in it’s makeup to West Didsbury it is found just South of the A6 and a few minutes walk from Heaton Chapel Train Station. Heaton Mersey borders East Didsbury and largely runs along Didsbury Road. Heaton Chapel runs along the A6 and Heaton Norris is the least affluent of The Four Heatons and is the closest to Stockport town centre.